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Blissfully Unaware

Blissfully Unaware

By: Rogue



A/N This came to me when I was editing Just Another Day in Paradise. It’s a drabble, based around the tags. Tags: Blissfully Unaware(major tag), Solid, Comfort, horrible/horror, and Unfortunate Events. Also this was written in about five minutes and edited in less. I’m in a rush so pardon the mistakes. It has incest and implied incestous sex so enjoy. Just a little drabble.

Disclaimer: Ain’t mine, but I will take Klaus when he goes on sale.



It was wrong. It was sinful. It was everything Violet and Klaus needed to survive. In the horrible world that had turned away from Violet, Klaus, and Sunny, they needed something, constant, solid in their life. Turns out that constant solid something was each other. Sunny was just a baby, blissfully unaware of the horrors their lifestyle held for them. But Klaus and Violet were older then old enough to understand and feel the weight their burden bestowed upon them. This one small, seemingly meaningless event that had occurred regularly since the dawn of time, the one thing that should have added more to their large sack of Unfortunate Events, was the one thing that took it all away. Finding love, understanding, empathy, and trust, by clinging to the only solid the only comfort that life would allow them. And through it all, despite the cries and the moans and the thumping, their sister slept on, blissfully unaware of the sin her brother and sister were committing. And for the first time since these horrible Unfortunate Events started, Violet and Klaus felt blissfully unaware.

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